A La Carte (5.21.13)


After a brief hiatus, we’re back with a whole slew of links this week! Here you go:

Practical Suggestions for Worshiping Together as a Family: “The setting of the tight family circle focusing toward God will be a nonverbal picture growing richer and richer in the child’s mind and heart as he matures in appreciation for his family and in awe at the greatness of God.”

Homeschool vs. Public School: a Few Thoughts: “Since I have kids in both schooling situations, I sometimes feel like a woman without a country. I get frustrated when homeschool proponents act as if nothing good can come out of public schools, but I get angry when public school proponents act so surprised that my previously homeschooled kids can function so well, both academically and socially, in the public school setting (I’m looking at you, homeroom teacher). In other words, I’ve heard both sides trash talk the other, and I think both sides are wrong. Having a foot in each world has given me a few opinions.”

A Walk in the Woods, with Children: “We need to walk in the woods, without a watch or a schedule, with only the sun as our timekeeper, so that we can see ourselves as part of a good creation teeming with life. We need to walk in the woods with our children to share in the joy, the peace of gazing upon creation and witnessing the hand of God.”

Modesty for God’s Glory: “This is a high calling and a glorious one!  We have the privilege of living for something much bigger than ourselves.  We have the privilege of not seeking to call attention to ourselves, but seeking to call attention to our faithful God of steadfast love—our gracious Father and his glorious Son, Jesus.”

The Sanctifying Work of Parenthood: “Be vulnerable and abandon yourself to the work of his hand. See the sin he reveals in you and bring it straight to the cross. Remember that Jesus died for each and every parenting blunder you have done and will do in the future. Seek your joy in him and rely on his strength and wisdom alone.”

Married Man and Father of Two…Becomes a Woman: “Even though he was married with two small sons, he wanted to stop being a man and become what he always felt himself to be—a female.”

Grandparenting: a Great Road Trip: “We should celebrate grandparenting! We all know grandparents these days who are substantially involved in the lives of their grandchildren, often for the sake of both joy and help. There’s actually no joy quite like it, as you no longer sit in the driver’s seat but in the back. The back is a delightful place, where you’re not maneuvering through traffic; you’re taking in the faces around you, in light of the landscape you notice as it passes by.”

This is Water: an interesting video, though I don’t agree with some of its underlying assumptions


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