A La Carte (5.31.13)


This week’s family-related links…a whole bunch of them!

Depression Articles: great articles from a few biblical counselors

The Gospel and the (Im)perfect Marriage: “In other words, God is using my marriage to destroy my pride.”

“I Did Wrong; You Can’t See Me:” What a little girls statement teaches us about our human condition, and the resolution from the gospel

The Plastic Fruit of Online Living: “It’s fun to fill your life with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and blog readers who seem to care every time you nail a Pinterest project or your kid does something cool. Who wouldn’t love an audience to “like” all their pictures and “ooh and aah” over their craftiness? But brothers and sisters, we must recognize this self-obsession and pride for what it is.”

Help! I Married an Introvert: I used to think, “Help! I married an introvert!” Now I’m singing, “Hallelujah! I married an introvert!”

Causes of Tummy Aches in Children: a helpful infographic

What’s the Difference Between Erotica and the Song of Solomon: Good question, great answer! “There is one primary answer that exhibits itself in several ways. The single major difference between the Song of Solomon and erotica is the difference between means and ends. In his Song, Solomon’s primary goal is to describe love and beauty. To do so, he employs the most fundamental consummation of those virtues, human sexuality. Love and beauty are the ends, sexuality is the means. Erotica reverses that order. The main goal of erotica is to describe human sexuality, and occasionally it does this by employing descriptions of physical beauty and/or love. In erotica, sexuality is the end, love and beauty are merely means—disposable ones.”

An Open Letter to Moms from the “Kid President:” So, we’re a little late on this, but it’s still funny. “MOM, upside down, is WOW!”

“You’re Really Gonna Love Mom”: a little late with this one too, but still cute.


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