A La Carte (6.12.13)


Here are some good family-related links from around the internet:

Local News of Note: Attempted Abduction: not to freak people out, but to keep you informed

The Jagged Void: A Poem For Grieving Mothers: a short thoughtful poem for those mothers who’ve felt the pain of losing a child

Two Great Articles on Dating:

Marriage is Not Ultimate: “We must all abandon the selfish temptation to only marry girls more dazzling than models and men more dashing than Prince Charming. That’s an illusion, anyway. But Jesus is real and infinitely more satisfying. He is ours, and we are his. Rest in that truth.”

Parenting is 99% Insanity and 100% Jesus: “I’ll keep reading the parenting books. I’ll keep trying to shepherd my children. But more than anything, I’m going to pray my butt off that Jesus does his mighty saving work in my children. I’m confident he will.”

John the Baptist: a Hero for Young Men: “Men who aspire to greatness can learn a lot from John’s example. He is Jesus’ definition of a great man: one who honors mother and father, is filled with the Holy Spirit, humbly leads others to Jesus Christ, evangelizes lost people, obeys God’s call on his life, avoids adolescence, and spends his time not avoiding but getting ready to take on more responsibility.”

The Making of  Modern Home: an Infographic: what’s your family’s house like?

Just for Fun: Variations of Language Within the U.S.

It’s Not About the Nail: thought this might give some of you a laugh (it’s quite stereotypical, though)


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