A La Carte (6.19.13)


This week’s links include the following:

God Rules the Mundane: “Do you see how everyday life presents opportunities for our growth in holiness? God can use the ordinary moments in your life to glorify himself by conforming you into the image of his Son. That is precisely what he intends to do. Dirty dishes in the sink is not just a worrisome ordeal in your otherwise uneventful day. It’s an opportunity to see glimpses of grace.”

5 Tips for Enjoying Toddlers: “Of course there are times when we can’t go to the park because I need to make dinner. And there are times when I have to say no to painting. But I want to be a mother who gives life to my children, not one who clenches my fingers straining to have something left over for myself. So here are five things I’m learning that help me enjoy my toddlers”

Motherhood and Drawing Lines: an interesting article about ladies who were turned away by abortion clinics due to legal reasons, and the effects it had on them

Marriage Rates at Historic Lows: “U.S. marriage rates are at historic lows but may soon rebound a bit, demographers predict.”

Bullying By Siblings: “Bullying and aggressive behavior by a sibling can be as damaging as bullying by a classmate, neighbor or other peer, finds a new study that links it to increased depression, anxiety and anger among victimized kids and teens.”

The Hoods in Tanzania: a video showing the daily life of missionaries we have sent out from our church

Women in the Workforce: “Is it possible for a woman to exercise leadership in the workplace while still retaining her femininity? In this video, Mary Kassian talks about a misconception among some Christians that holds that women shouldn’t do anything or have any interests outside the home.


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