D3 2013: Day One

After months of fundraising, recruiting, planning, and anticipation, we finally arrived at D3 in Louisville, KY yesterday morning! And the first day was a blast…

We left the church a little after 8:00 AM, and after a few pit stops, made it to the campus of Boyce College by around 2:15,  leaving us enough time to get unpacked and take a brief tour of campus before our first session.

Yesterday’s schedule consisted mostly of three main sessions with a few short breaks mixed in. Each session we were led in singing by the Hoffmans and then taught by some great teachers.

The first session’s teacher was Eric Bancroft, who laid down some good biblical reminders about what our approach to a camp like this should be (e.g. counting others more significant than ourselves, remembering why we are here, coming to sessions ready to engage God, etc.). His big idea was “advancement without preparation leads to failure.” So the week started with a good call to intentionality and focus.

The second session’s teacher was Kurt Gebhards–a high-energy, but deep, man. He taught from the end of Mark’s gospel on the life of Judas, challenging students to realize that Judas liked Jesus and in some sense that he even believed in Jesus, but that he ultimately betrayed Jesus because He didn’t give him what he wanted. Kurt drew some connections between Judas’ life/temptation with ours as young people who grow up around Jesus, saying we like Him and believe in Him, but all the while hold an unwillingness to give everything for Him.

The last session’s teacher was Shannon Hurley, a Ugandan missionary, who taught from Hebrews 11. He aimed to show that there are not “super Christians” and “normal Christians”–that every Christian is called to radical trust and obedience in Jesus. I appreciated his challenge to our students to evaluate whether they’re responding to Jesus with the type of faith that the Bible calls them to. It wasn’t a call to “missions” as the highest aim of the Christian life, but rather a call to trust deeply in Christ and to LIVE like it.

Mixed in our day was some time for dinner, some pockets of free time (which we filled with foosball, etc.), and some good conversation with just our students before we headed back to our respective dorms to wind down and hit the sack.

Seems like everybody is up now and ready to rock for Day Two–perhaps the busiest of the week.

Come back tomorrow for an update on how Tuesday went.


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