D3 2013: Day Two

Day two (Tuesday) of D3 is in the books! And we thoroughly enjoyed it. The day was slammed full of activities with a two hour free time as the only time to rest. We had multiple worship/teaching sessions as a large group, a few “track” sessions where we received more specialized instruction, and a few large group recreation times as well–mixed in with meals of course.

The morning started with Eric Bancroft challenging us from James 5:19-20 to value the role of God’s church in our lives even as young people–to realize the importance of worshiping with, and being intimately connected with, God’s people. I want to see this more and more and more in the young people of our church–a connectedness with the body as a whole and not just our youth group.

Then we had a few “track” breakout sessions, where our students and leaders divided across campus to receive teaching in one of three realms: worldview, missions, or leadership. Most of our students opted for the leadership track, but I’ve heard encouraging things from each of those tracks–things God was challenging or encouraging them with. I can’t give much detail about those, because I’ve been sitting in breakouts that are specifically designed for youth pastors….But when they get home, ask them about the track sessions and they can share!

The early afternoon included some wacky games played out in the heat on the seminary lawn. Our students were good sports and enjoyed the activities–grossness and all! I was proud of their attitudes and loved seeing them then spend much of their free time that followed together, whether it was swimming, playing foosball, or chilling back in the dorms.

After dinner, Kurt Gebhards followed up his session from the previous day (about Judas) with a message about Mary from Mark 14 (and John 12), and her exclusive, exhaustive worship of Jesus. It was a call to give undivided attention to Jesus and to give all to Him–without reservations or reserves. I wish I had an hour just to type out all the thoughts he shared from this passage. It was very good for my soul personally–as I felt the Spirit encouraging and challenging me to live out worship in the way that Mary had demonstrated.

A brief small group discussion time was followed by a military inspired obstacle course across campus (including giant hampster balls for humans, a 150 foot slip n slide, playing hockey with dead fish, and various other random tasks)…Then we spent an hour or two relaxing together back in the dorms.

I continue to be encouraged by the faith I see rising up in many of our students, and the love they have for each other and the desire they have to learn and to apply what they are learning. They are miles ahead of where I was at their age! Please keep praying for us that as our energy wanes, the Spirit would continue to instruct us and keep us in good spirits.

Today: Holiday world and a FLAME concert await us. It’s gonna be sweet!


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