A La Carte (7.2.13)


Here are a slew of links from around the internet:

Singles and Loneliness: “Dear single Christian, there is a loneliness that can surpass the loneliness that even now you are experiencing and achingly want to end. Be patient. Continue to pray to the Bride-Groom you do have. Be wise in selecting the individual that you would willingly give your heart to, and only allow a Christian to place that ring upon your finger. You are not less of a child of God in your singleness. You are not less important in the Kingdom. Your service is not needed any less. No matter what others may say or you may think, you are not inferior, less holy, or less valuable. You are a child of the Heavenly Father and are united to THE Bride-Groom. And He cares for you. Therefore, you can be patient and content as you wait. You are not alone in your loneliness.”

A Quick Guide to Family Worship: “If every family in every church got serious about making disciples in the home, it would change our world.”

The Beauty of Purity: “When I walked down the aisle in my white dress, I looked straight into the eyes of the man that had laid himself down to protect and honor the wife that God had given him.”

Nature Deficit Disorder: Is Your Child at Risk?: “Within the space of a few decades, the way children understand and experience nature has changed radically. The polarity of the relationship has reversed. Today, kids are aware of the global threats to the environment–but their physical contact, their intimacy with nature, is fading. That’s exactly the opposite of how it was when I was a child.”

What Happens When You Deprive Children of Scary Stories?: interesting thoughts from some sharp thinkers

Russell Moore on the Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision: Good thoughts (from audio of an interview) from one of my favorite professors from seminary

The Surest Way to Promote God’s Good Plan for Marriage: “The Christian faith and Christian ethics have lost the home-field advantage in our culture. But we are still free to present our faith and the gospel. We can do that with words and with lives that show the beauty of the gospel. That is the surest way to promote God’s good plan for marriage.”

Revolutionary Parenting in the Lord: excellent brief article on what the little phrase “of the Lord” means and how it should transform the way that Christians parent their children

The Advent of the Three-Parent Designer Baby: We are bordering on the edge of some crazy ways of viewing humanity and our role in creating life.

The Almost-Father: a transcript of a sermon by Steve DeWitt recently delivered at his church…lengthy but worth the read if you have time

The Gift of Siblings: “Siblings are the only relatives, and perhaps the only people you’ll ever know, who are with you through the entire arc of your life…Your parents leave you too soon and your kids and spouse come along late, but your siblings know you when you are in your most inchoate form.”

Changing Hears Through Art: a good article about how rap artist Macklemore appeals to audiences about homosexuality by telling stories, rather than by making truth claims–and how our culture fails to see the distinction between those two things


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