A La Carte (7.16.13)


This week’s links…

The Central Tragedy in the Trayvon Martin Case: Al Mohler: good thoughtful commentary in the wake of the verdict everyone’s been talking about

The Phrase that Enslaves Moms in Every Season: “I can’t vilify the ‘just wait’ mom who scorned me without admitting that I have been this same mom before—popping off to young moms with the same hurtful words. Even after absorbing the impact and feeling the pain of the ‘just waits’ more than a few times, I still regularly catch myself standing on the precipice of pride—wanting to toss my stone-like words at younger and less experienced moms. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit hasn’t let me off the hook. He convicts me of my sinful arrogance when I use this snarky phrase.”

Ordinary Christians and the Great Commission: “Some of these authors tacitly (or even blatantly) suggest thatordinary must be synonymous with apathetic and that all these comparative and superlative terms–this-er, that-er–are synonymous with godly. But when I look to the Bible I just don’t see it.”

What is Autism? An infographic about a condition that is increasingly common, or at least increasingly recognized, in America

For Young Adults, the Ideal Marriage Meets Reality: Interesting data from Pew Research

Is God Anti-Gay? a trailer for a new book coming out that I am looking forward to reading


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