A La Carte (7.24.13)


This week’s links include the following:

Real Men Cry: great read!… “It’s pride, I’m sure. Pride that flows out of believing a lie. The lie is that a real man will allow himself to express only the happy emotions. Laugh all you want, but don’t you dare cry. Express your joy but not your sorrow. Joy is a public emotion, sorrow a private one. This is what I’ve learned and this is what I pass to the next generation. But then I think of the Bible which describes many more occasions of public sorrow than public laughter. But then I think of Jesus who was perfectly manly and yet perfectly shameless in crying great tears of sorrow. And I start to understand it is good to laugh together, but equally good, maybe even better, to cry together. Real men laugh, but real men cry too.

Should I Make My Child Apologize?: “Parents frequently ask me if it is wrong to require their children to apologize when they are disrespectful or disobedient. Usually, they’re concerned that they might be training their child to lie. Wouldn’t it be better to wait for the child to apologize on his own when he feels genuine remorse, rather than to just repeat an apology he has been taught?”

4 Goals to Pursue in Parenting: 1. Make Jesus central, 2. Make grace shine, 3. Model repentance, 4. Listen to advice

When You Long for Morning Sickness: something we all need to be more sensitive and thoughtful about as Christians

CCC Generations Video – Psalm 1:

The Terrifying Truth About Bananas:


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