A La Carte (7.30.13)


Is Your Child a Christian?: “In my experience as a parent and pastor, I’ve realized age isn’t the most important gauge in determining true conversion. Instead, it’s generally wise to look for these evidences in an age-appropriate manner.”

Lies Women Believe While Wedding Planning: This is my day. Everything must be perfect. We’ve got to spend a lot of money. Etc.

When Is a Royal Baby a Fetus?: “This week, as the U.K.’s Prince William and Kate Middleton were expecting their child at any moment, the impending birth received a galaxy’s worth of media coverage. That the child would be heir to the throne was a motivating factor in all this attention, to be sure. I was interested not only for this reason but for a less-noticed one: Countless media reports bore news about the ‘royal baby.’ Why was this noteworthy? Because this term, to get exegetical for a moment, was not used to describe the future state of the child—once born and outside of the womb, that is. No, the American media used this phrase ‘royal baby’ to describe the pre-born infant.”

How Do We Protect Our Children?: “Some Christian parents have decided that the greatest evil influence is secular music. Others have set their sights on movies. Still others think it’s the public school system, video games, the Disney Channel, or SpongeBob. It could be that awful child down the street, gluten, sugar, or immodest clothing. On and on the list goes. But if we turn to Scripture, we see that Jesus has a very different answer.”

My Husband is Not My Soul Mate: A viral post that has some great thoughts: “It might seem odd that on this, our one-year anniversary, I am beginning a post with the declaration that my husband is not my soul mate. But he isn’t.”

Why Online Pornography is Being Blocked in the UK–and Why it Should in the US Too: “Christians in America often look on with pity and disdain at the secularizing influences that are destroying the cultural legacy of the United Kingdom. But this news should cause us to check our pride and sense of moral superiority. Even in a nation growing increasingly hostile to religion and Christian virtue, they have the moral sense to support commonsensical regulations against obscenity. Why then can’t we in the United States do the same?”

What You Should Know About Abortion Contracts?: “As marriage rates decline, such agreements are being used more frequently in non-marital relationships. Some are even including clauses stipulating a requirement to have an abortion in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.”

What Does It Mean to be Truly Human?:


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