A La Carte (8.6.13)


Several good articles this week–

My Husband Is Not My Soul Mate: “It might seem odd that on this, our one-year anniversary, I am beginning a post with the declaration that my husband is not my soul mate. But he isn’t.”

To Moms of One or Two Children: One mother of five writes to fellow mothers to answer the oft-asked question, “How do you do it?!”

Titus 2 For the Introvert: “There are so many expectations wrapped around these verses. We have different thoughts on what should be taught, how it is taught, and the criteria for older vs. younger women. This passage can seem daunting because we are accountable to God for our influence on others. Also, a qualified older woman still needs to earn the trust of those she wants to help. On top of that, let’s throw personality into the mix. I know someone who could walk right up to another sister and say, ‘I want you to disciple me,’ and may her tribe increase. But for us introverts…

How I Met John Piper Through Hip Hop: An article that might encourage some of you parents who are a little nervous about your children listening to Christian rap and hip-hop…Much more importantly than meeting Piper through hip hop, they can meet Jesus through it!

Sorry Kids. Back to School = Back to Bedtime: “One of the odd characteristics of our time is our apparent need  for scientific verification of what we should know by simple common sense. Well, help now comes in the form of a research project undertaken by University College London. The bottom line—children with a fixed and consistent bedtime performed better on tests of cognitive ability.”

What’s Missing from this Picture?–Fertility on the Rise, Worldview on Display: a great take from Al Mohler about how the worldview of Americans–not just incomes–affects birthrates.

In Our Baby’s Illness, a Life Lesson: while this video of a TED talk (which are usually very interesting!) is not presenting a distinctly Christian view of childhood illness, suffering, etc., it has a good reminder for all of us–namely to not view our children as problems or inconveniences, but as fellow human beings who God has given us to care for.

A Tacky Video of a Commercial for Durex: …though not sanctioned by the company itself…It’s funny in one sense, but behind its tag line “protect yourself” is an inference that children are an enemy to be protected against, rather than a blessing from God to be desired and accepted.


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