Treasuring Christ Curriculum at CCC

For the third straight year Christ’s Covenant Church will be using the Treasuring Christ curriculum in all our preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school Sunday school classes.  There are many reasons we chose this particular curriculum.  Here are at least 6 reasons:

1.  It is Christ-centered and Gospel-centered.  Whether they are in the old or new testament, Christ and His Good News are the driving focus.

2.  It is biblically comprehensive.  It will take a child/teenager through the entirety of scripture in 4 years.  It starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation.

3.  It gives the parents resources to disciple their children.  Treasuring Christ gives the parent a weekly preview sheet to help prepare their children for their next lesson.

4.  It is user-friendly.  It’s easy for teachers, kids, and parents to follow the lessons.  It simplifies biblical stories and truths down to understandable and relevant levels–without losing the essential depth of scripture.

5.  It is engaging and fun!  Treasuring Christ engages your kids with fun activities that reinforces the biblical lessons.

6.  It helps missionaries and church planters.  Part of the vision for Treasuring Christ is to help out missionaries and church planters with free curriculum and other resources.  By using this curriculum we are partnering with them to plant churches, support missionaries, and spread the Gospel worldwide!

If you have any questions about Treasuring Christ curriculum or CCC Sunday school classes, then please feel free to contact us.   If you are interested in teaching or assisting in any of the children or student classes then please let us know.  We look forward to another year ministering to families at CCC!


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