A La Carte (8.13.13)


Here are a few links from around the internet for this week:

The Problem with the Child-Free Life: a thoughtful response over at the Gospel Coalition to an article that was published recently in TIME magazine.

What If I Don’t Want Babies?: Along the same lines, this is a helpful response to a Christian young woman who doesn’t really desire to have children even if she were to be married.

Are You a Part-Time Churchgoer? You May Be Surprised: good food for thought as our families get back into the routines of school

Talking to our Children About Beauty:

Getting Out of the Man Box: “One thing that concerns me about the recovery of biblical manhood and masculinity in the evangelical church is the potential of importing worldly and harmful notions of ‘manhood’ into an otherwise godly movement. It seems to me that we’re so shaky on what it means to be a man and many of us have been so bereft of healthy models that lots of counterfeits may easily creep in.”

Q & A: Hospitality and the Hesitant Husband: might provide good counsel for some of you who desire to use your home for hospitality, but might not see eye-to-eye with your spouse on how to do this

Student Handbooks for the Elementary and Middle Schools of Warsaw: for those with kids in that age bracket in public schools

An Open Letter to Students Returning Back to School: some interesting perspective here, albeit not a Christian perspective of education


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