A La Carte (8.20.13)


Here are some links from around the internet this week:

Discipling Children Through Awe: written by former CCC’er Hannah Anderson…”As you go about discipling your children, as you teach them their Bible verses and correct them when they disobey, do not neglect the sacred discipline of awe and wonder at God’s creation. Take them to the mountains to walk forest trails in search of the millipedes and butterflies that are the works of His hands. Take them to the seashore to be knocked over by the power of a wave so that one day they’ll know how to be knocked over by the power of God. Take them to the art museum to thrill at the colors, shapes, and textures whose beauty can only be explained by the One who is Beauty Himself. Take them to the cities to crane their necks to the see the tops of sky scrapers and shiver with anticipation at God’s miracle of physics that keeps them from tumbling down. And then take them to Church.”

Your Kids Need Christian History Too: an interview with an author of a new series of biographies of historical figures within the Church

How to Help Your Child Learn to Read with Discernment: good counsel here

Things to Consider in Parenting: 1. You control the input, but you do not control the outcome.
2. You can not make your children want what you want for them.
3. You must hope the best for your children even when you see the worst.

The Down-to-Earth Gospel for Parenting: “What do our kids need from us in preparation for the journey of life? There are so many things that I aim to impart to my children before they venture off on their own. Yet, I am convinced what they most need is the full-bodied gospel, which includes a down-to-earth theology of sin. They need to learn to travel often down the gospel road of confession, forgiveness and freedom in Christ. The night my son confessed, I felt as though he was one step closer to being truly prepared for living a gospel-dependent life in this broken world.”

Sexy Pics and Secrecy: “Internet accountability helps to cure us of online tunnel vision. In my seemingly private online life, it’s easy to feel that the time is my own, that my choices affect only myself. But when I’m reminded I’m not alone—that at least one other person will see what I do—my myopic vision is broken. For a brief moment I see my temptations through the eyes of another, not just through my own foggy vision. By choosing to remove the secrecy, we pull our lives into the light. Being exposed to another’s eyes helps me remember my accountability partner isn’t the only one watching me. The one who loved me and gave himself for me ‘sees my ways and numbers all my steps.'”

How to Announce a Pregnancy:


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