A La Carte (8.27.13)


This week’s links:

Letting Goods Go: a great post by our very own Sara Royer as she and her family prepare to move to Brazil…”Wonder how many times in my life I have sung these words in A Mighty Fortress: Let goods and kindred go…without truly understanding the implications.”

The Truth About Pain in Childbearing: “As the years unfold we begin to understand that we have been introduced to the great truth of pain in childbearing, a pain we naively believed would be confined to labor and delivery, but that visits us at every transition we nurture our children toward: the measured inhale, the steady exhale, the mighty push. And separation. Preschool. Kindergarten. Middle school. High school. College. Career. Marriage. With a familiar aching euphoria, we push them out—from safety and provision to separation and uncertainty. It feels like they would be safer just staying with us, as if safety were the greatest gift we could give them.”

Seeing a Woman: a Conversation Between a Father and Son: Not sure that a young son would understand all of this imaginary counsel of his dad. But there are some good difficult statements in this post that probably need to be said to our sons as they start to “see” women.

Guarding Our Children’s Understanding of Beauty: Guard their heroes. Guard their childhood. Guard their friendships.

Youth Ministry Bridges Parents and Church: excellent article from over at the Gospel Coalition’s website.

How Do You Stay Patient With Young Children?: Identify temptation points. Be consistent. Don’t do stupid things twice. Be grateful. Pray.

Be the Parent: an article that challenges us parents to both “nurture” and “admonish” our children, and to not give in to the temptation to emphasize one of those over and above the other.

Silly Interviews at Campus Outreach:


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