Book Recommendation: Manhood Restored

Eric Mason recently released a book called Manhood Restored. Writing with a good balance of thickness and simplicity, Mason challenges men to look to Jesus for the model of manhood, and the power to live like Him. He covers topics ranging from parenting to sexuality to to leadership to work to ministry. Here are a few excerpts from the book:

  • Referring to Genesis 2: “Whenever we talk about this at Epiphany Fellowship, the women go crazy. They love hearing that the mean got a job before he had a woman!” (9)
  • “Men in extended childhood seek to identify with their children as opposed to raise their children. Their efforts at parenting are like their efforts in high school–to be liked and accepted rather than to influence and guide.” (35)
  • “Jesus is the prototype man for men” (45)
  • “For Jesus, just as it is for us, prayer and vigorous fighting are the means to overcome temptation.” (60)
  • “Here’s the thing, though–our brand of sensitivity wasn’t sensitive at all. It was a mask for selfish desire and a means to manipulate rather than truly empathize.” (63)
  • “Our jealousy is almost always connected with something that isn’t rightfully ours, but something we feel entitled to nonetheless. On the other hand, all things belong to the Lord. His jealousy, then, is not only acceptable but actually righteous. And when it comes to the glory of God, this is what He is most passionate about–His reputation.” (66)
  • “Just because we have the new mind doesn’t mean that we have a Christian worldview. Though we have the new mind of Christ when we first believe in Jesus, that new mind needs to be nurtured and applied. The Word of God is the means by which the new mind grows and fights to dominate the thinking and, therefore, day to day living of the disciple.” (80)
  • “Most men’s first encounter with sex is a perverted one.” (83)
  • “Pornography lies to men about the reality of sex and the more we use it, the more we develop a sexual rhythm. When we come into marriage, then, we don’t have the slightest idea where to begin in spite of al the sites we’ve visited and movies we’ve watched. Furthermore, we train our passions to be directed toward specific types of women and certain experiences when we use pornography. When we at last get into marriage, we find our expectations shaped by fantasy rather than reality. We selfishly use our wives rather than graciously serve our wives. And inevitably, we become bitter when ‘she can’t do it like the movies.'” (88)
  • “The great news is that the death of Jesus is not only motivating; it is also empowering.” (94(
  • “But in God’s design, sex is not just about satisfaction; it’s actually about serving.” (97)
  • “Unfortunately, most men become fixated on self-motivated dreams. Their love of self stops and centers on themselves; they don’t see their dreams as mechanisms for the advancement of the glory of God but rather as the avenue for their own power and prestige.” (114)
  • “Because what we work on seems admirable, we develop the sense that our motives must be undiluted.” (121)
  • Speaking of “washing” our wives with “the water of the word” from Ephesians 5: “We are to administer gospel-centered words from the Bible to aid in the work of God for her life and growth.” (133)
  • “It’s okay to be disliked, but it’s not okay to be disliked for the wrong reasons.” (144)
  • “Sons are to be given direction by their fathers on how to lead a household. This is necessary when you start to see your sons as future leaders of homes.” (156)
  • “There is nothing effeminate about following Jesus. That’s what men need to see. Being in jesus and living for the gospel is the greatest voyage a man can be part of in life.” (166)
  • Thomas Watson: “The Word has a double work: to teach us and to judge us. Those who will not be taught by the Word, shall be judged by the Word.” (168)
  • “Complaining about the state of a generation will not change it; investing in it will.” (178)
  • “In Titus 2, Paul commands Titus to teach what accords with sound doctrine. Upon viewing the accompanying verses, though, we see that age and gender are to be tackled in different ways when it comes to recognizing how each one grows in looking more like Jesus.” (186)

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