A La Carte (9.24.13)


This week’s links:

It’s No Fun. It Hurts. It’s Hard. But It’s Good: the discipline of God…an extremely important topic to think through for ourselves, but also for us to model our discipline of our own children after

Parenting Does Not Create the Child: “It’s all so involved. There are so many rules and expectations. Parenting may be the last bastion of legalism. Not just in the church, but in our culture. We live in a permissive society that won’t count any sin against you as an adult, but will count the calories in your kids’ hot lunch.”

To Have or Not to Have: Childlessness and Imago Dei Identity: a good article by one of our very own, Hannah Anderson, who’s now living with her family in Virginia.

Eating, Body Image, and the Gospel: “As I’ve shared my story with others, I’ve been both comforted and also concerned by the reality that my struggles in these areas aren’t unusual or uncommon. Battles with food and body image manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways. They are a significant problem the body of Christ must carefully and lovingly address. My hope is that we won’t only point people to important practical strategies for change, but that the deep truths of the gospel will serve as a foundation for all of our efforts.”

Pakistan–Attack on a Church by a Suicide Bomber: Might be a good opportunity to remind your children of the sufferings of God’s people–and to pray together for them.

A Cool Bookcase: You can spell words within the case itself. Check it out!

Accidental Worship Heresy: If you’re needing a good laugh, you can read this post….Some might be funny to share with your kids.

Crazy Busy for Kids: a video promoting a book coming out soon. Kevin DeYoung, the author, interviews his kids; and it’s pretty funny.


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