A La Carte (10.3.13)


This week’s links include the following:

Patient vs. Permissive Parenting: “I sometimes have a hard time discerning between patience and permissiveness. It seems that some days I’m feeling ‘patient’ and so I don’t pick on certain issues as much, so is it patience or permissiveness?”

Dear Discouraged Moms: “Dear moms, I have heard you are struggling to fight the funk that has found its way to your doorstep, into your home, and has met you lying in your bed paralyzed by the thought of facing the day. I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. All too often, I can relate.”

How to Mourn with the Parents of Stillborn and Miscarried Children: we posted this entire article last week, but wanted to link it here again.

What Parents and Marriage Have to Do With Resilient Faith: “Not surprisingly, homes modeling lukewarm faith do not create enduring faith in children. Homes modeling vibrant faith do. So these young adults are leaving something they never had a good grasp of in the first place. This is not a crisis of faith, per se, but of parenting.”

Your One Month Guide to Beating Clutter: For those of you who might benefit from a strategy to get your house more tidy 🙂

Coloring Pages for the Bible’s Big Story: “We print coloring pages from the web all the time in our house. Now you can print the following three pages, and your little ones can work some crayola magic on them”

Confession Letter of a Father to His Daughter With Down’s Syndromedidn’t get to watch this, but heard good things about it



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