A La Carte (10.10.13)


We have a whole slew of links this week:

The Porn Free Family: Tim Challies always has good pieces about sexuality and the pursuit of purity. This is no exception.

Pastor as Nursing Mother? You Betcha!: A former CCC’er shed some light on a passage in the NT about how Paul and his associates had served the church as a nursing mother.

The 25 Year Old Teenager: cultural commentary from Mark Driscoll

George and Barbara Witness a Marriage: When a Private Act Sends a Public Message: an article about how the former president’s attendance at a homosexual “wedding” ceremony implicitly shows his affirmation of the relationship. “Attendance at a wedding is not a neutral act.”

Captive Thoughts – The Cross and Marital Conflict: “The next time you are tempted to think ill of your spouse ask if what you are thinking is true, pure and honorable. Ask God to help you take that thought captive. Withhold premature judgments, ask good questions, and believe the best about those you are called to love. Finally, apply the grace Jesus offers by his death and resurrection.”

Two is Better Than One: Who Knew?: Good article from Al Mohler.

Manhood in the Marketplace: Interacting With Women: Good insights on how Christian men should and should not interact with their female co-workers

A Unique and Helpful Ministry for Stay-at-Home Moms: serving older widows in the church

The Data on Teen Dating: how research shows that beginning dating at younger ages is unhealthy

A Cool Site to Connect with Your Neighbors: I (Marc) have seen the benefit of this website first-hand.

How to Spot a Father of a Young Child:

A Cool Video to Teach Your Older Kids About Tree’s Color Change: pretty cool how God made leaves to do this!


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