A La Carte (10.17.13)


This week’s links:

I Hate Porn: “Friends, I hate porn. And here’s why. I hate porn because it is a perversion of what God created in man and woman…But I love Jesus. I love Jesus because he loves people with porn problems. I love Jesus because he is powerful to free porn-enslaved hearts.”

How the Ayres Family Buried Their 8 Children: Wow! The story of one family from the 1800’s that is told through their gravestones–which testify to a deep trust in God despite His painful providence for their family.

Offering the Love of God to Our Children: “’But I don’t know how to love!’ The statement caught my husband and I off guard. We turned our eyes away from our frustrated four year old and stared at each other in disbelief. Sometimes the most profound statements have a way of simply slipping out of the mouths of children and this was one of those moments.”

Why Christian Parents Should Not Want Good, Happy, Safe Kids: “‘I cannot believe that you would do that!’ That incredulous assertion is an all too familiar response from parents (including myself) who discover a child has sinned. But for Christian parents, such an assertion is anti-Christ because it constitutes speaking as if the gospel is not true. It represents the response for a parent who desires to rear a religious Pharisee. If a parent’s goal is to keep up appearances and maintain an external image of righteousness, then it is right to myopically focus on outward performance. After all, we too often reason that we are not like ‘those people’ who do things like that. We are the ‘good people.’ Such parenting is not cruciform even if the parents are Christians.”

Turkey Lurkey 5K Run & Walk: a fun event the weekend before Thanksgiving here locally that some of your families might be interested in.

Beyond Pink Bibles: a three minute video about “what Christian women want”


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