A La Carte (11.21.13)


Here are some helpful and thought-provoking links from around the internet for this week.

When Motherhood is Hard: “Nothing in your life is insignificant or useless to him. Every detail and challenge—from the chaos of grocery shopping to midnight awakenings—is used by God to transform and change you. Instead of despairing over how hard motherhood is, seek Christ and his grace. Rest in his sovereign control and submit to his transforming work in your heart. Yes, motherhood is hard, but it is hard for a very good reason: Our growth in holiness.”

Don’t Raise Good Kids: “Parents, don’t raise good kids. I’m a recovering good kid, and I’m here to tell you that the gospel isn’t for good kids.”

Future Wives or Soldiers of God: Very good read….”In fact, in my experience the good and natural desire to become a wife can easily become an all-consuming pursuit for those who God has yet to bless with a spouse. Many young women live as though their lives are literally on hold until their future husbands appear and they are given the coveted position of wife. Marriage is lifted up as the epitome of spirituality for women, and women’s ministries focus much of their attention on the important topics of complementarianism, submission, sexuality, and child-rearing. This focus can leave many single women wondering where they fit into the life of the church until that coveted day of matrimony arrives.”

ESV Children’s Bible: For those that might be interested in purchasing a Bible for their children; this one seems like a good choice.

3 Queens: This video gives me a good reminder of what a joy–and challenge– a mom’s world must be like.


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