Advent Family Devotional Guide


“Advent is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the birth of Jesus. But for families, this time of year can be filled to the brim with activities and obligations. Before the calendar begins to overflow, set aside a few minutes to consider what you want this season to be for your family. Then make a plan so that a time intended to remember and celebrate doesn’t get swallowed up by lesser things.”

To help you with that, we wanted to make available–and recommend–the incredibly useful Advent Family Devotional Guide that the people of the Village Church (Flower Mound, TX) have recently released.

You can access it by going here: 


The Advent Guide contains five weeks of material, beginning the week of November 25th, with both a study to complete on your own and a plan to help your family talk about the Advent narrative together once a week. The family portions are designed to work for families of all shapes and sizes and do not require extensive preparation. They include recommended passages to read, songs to sing, questions to ask, and fun activities to do together as a family.

We think you’ll find the use of this guide to be edifying for your own soul and helpful in building unity among your family as you think and talk about Jesus together.

We are printing copies of this that will be available on Sunday mornings over the next few weeks. Before using it, we’d recommend that you read through the introductory material (it is brief) to get a feel for how the guide is set up and how you could most effectively use it with your specific family (e.g. if you have teenage children rather then pre-schoolers).


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