A La Carte (12.5.13)


From around the web this week, including a few Christmas related articles:

Five Things to Teach Your Children This Christmas: “Christmas provides a wonderful opportunity to pour the truths of the gospel into the hearts of our children.”

Five Common Mistakes Christian Parents Make:  A good read.

Bible Block Set: Could be a cool gift for children, a little pricey though.

100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013: See which baby names were tops in 2013.

Want, Need, Wear, Read… and Give: Good, practical advice about Christmas wish lists for our kids.

The Leading Edge: Godless Weddings a Trend: “While we must pray and advocate for traditional heterosexual marriage, we must also not lose sight of the true definition of marriage as something more than merely human.”

Debatable: Is Christian Hip-Hop Ungodly?: Since many of our young people–including some of our pastors, cough cough–are listening to Christian rap, here’s a rundown of a recent online conversation that’s been going on about rap’s place in Christians’ lives.

Rest Amid the Background Noise of Fear: “Fear is never too far off; anxiety is a constant temptation…repeat and trust the promises of God.”

Ten Years of Work, Not Bliss: Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s worth the fight.

5 Reasons to Open Your Blinds: Good advice for all of us and our families…how opening blinds encourages disciple-making.

Help your child potty-train by using a toilet with a built-in iPad: For the hipster moms and dads out there!

Intergenerational Discipleship: Grandparents as Disciple Makers: Our seniors serve the church family as a repository of wisdom, and we would be wise to listen.

11 Simple Ways to Disciple Your Kids on Mission: Great reminders and ideas.

Does God Listen to Rap?:


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