A La Carte (12.19.13)


Some great selections this week from around the web…

What Joseph Can Teach Us about Biblical Manhood: “The story in Matthew 1 is about the birth of Christ, and we should honor it as such. But isn’t God kind to allow us to learn other truths along the way to Bethlehem? Joseph is a hero in Scripture who points us to the Hero of Scripture. May God give us the grace to follow in his steps.”

10 Ideas to Help Children Fight Greed at Christmastime: “And yet as Christian parents, we know there is a dark side to all this gift giving greed.”

Is it a Sin to Experience Same-Sex Attraction?: Appreciate this writer’s honesty and thoughtfulness

Finding Rest in the Merry-Thon: “Whatever you do this month, put Christ at the center. And whether you finish the month rested or restless, take comfort that ultimately his life, not ours, secures our Sabbath rest. In this month’s merry-thon, remember that Christ has come to be the good news of great joy for weary people.”

5 Things Your Teen Must Hear You Say about Porn: Excellent! 1. Porn is bad because it cheapens what God calls good. 2. Porn is selfish; real sex is giving. 3. Porn bonds you to an image; sex bonds you to a person. 4. Porn is abusive; marital sex is nourishing. 5. Porn dishonors God; marital sex honors Him.

Moral Mayhem Multiplied – Now It’s Polygamy’s Turn: “If marriage can be redefined in terms of gender, it can easily be redefined in terms of number.”

Mothers of Young Children Spend Most Time with Smartphones: Interesting

Do Not Neglect the Table: A Reminder to Parents: As parents, let’s long to take communion together with our children who’ve been born again.

Coca-Cola Life – Ser Padres: Love this Coke commercial about the early years of parenting. The ending is unexpected in a way, yet spot on! Children are a blessing unlike any other, even though they can be a handful.


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