A La Carte (1.16.14)


Several great articles this week!

Questions & Ethics – When dating, how much should a Christian know about a future spouse’s sexual history?: A thoughtful answer to a tough question.

Biblical Manhood, Superheros, the Apostle Paul, and You: “Real men know they have met their match in Jesus and bow before the brilliance of the Cross of Christ.”

6 Deadly Enemies of Marriage: “If Satan cannot destroy a marriage, he will at least determine to weaken it. To neglect any of these 6 things is to invite his presence and to welcome his influence.”

Two Views of Smartphones: “Technology has many wonderful uses. Smartphones are amazing artifacts of human ingenuity. But technology is so pervasive in our lives that it leaves us open to distraction and can undermine all of our relationships. Are you the master of your technology, or has your technology mastered you?”

Reading in the Seasons of Life: “When God wanted to tell us about himself and his work, he put it in a book, and reading it is the best way to know him. We can read the whole Bible straight through in one year, do rigorous studies of one book at a time, or read a psalm or two to quiet an anxious heart. Read in a way that suits your season. Just don’t ever stop reading the Bible.”

21 Brilliant Little Children Who Have Absolutely Mastered the Game of Hide and Seek: Cute

Don’t You Already have Kids?: Adding to Your Existing Family Through Adoption: “What those people meant was, ‘Why would you adopt when you can obviously have kids biologically?’ We had three biological children but it never crossed our minds that we should not add to our family through the gift of adoption. Here are the factors that drove our decision to adopt…”

Manhood and Technology: Introducing a New Series.: an article introducing a new series of articles to come out soon…. “This series will include posts from men who have chosen to avoid some modes of digital communication (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and some who have embraced these new ways of creating and sharing content. It will include articles discussing the shrewd use of smartphones, how we can use digital tools to shepherd and lead those under our care, and how the digital age can create unhealthy levels of distraction.”

What Would Jonathan Edwards Say if a Teenage Girl Wrote to Him for Spiritual Advice?: Long but good letter from a revered pastor to a recently converted teenager (18) a long time ago.

When Women Lust: “When a beautiful woman walks in the room or flashes on a screen or billboard, all eyes are transfixed. While men might be thinking about sex, a woman might be thinking, I wonder what it would be like to have such a body? Men want the body, women want the body. They want the body that attracts everyone. Lust can be either a strong feeling of sexual desire, or a strong desire for something.”

Family Devotion Panel Discussion: A Q&A panel from professors from Southern Seminary about family worship/devotions that was conducted during a mini-conference that I attended this week.


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