A La Carte (2.6.14)


Several articles this week well worth your time…

Blessings Too Big: “When God said children were a blessings, he knew they would…write on your walls with a permanent marker.”

The New American Religion: The Rise of Sports and the Decline of the Church: “Americans may not know who their god is, but you can be sure most know who their team is.”

Russel Moore in the New York Times: The Case for Transracial Adoption: “Right now there are untold numbers of children tied up in the foster care system, or languishing in orphanages and group homes all over the world. There is no place for racist bigotry or identity politics in solving this crisis. What matters is the welfare of children who need a Mom and a Dad.
Can any of us honestly suggest that it would be better for a child to remain in this bureaucratic limbo than to be a son or daughter to loving parents whose skin is paler or darker than his or her own?”

5 Social Media Apps Parents Should Know About: “…many come with maturity warnings and are rife with problems.”

The Right Questions to Ask on Educational Options for Your Kids: These two questions…thinking of it in terms of cash may help us see it differently.

How a Biblical Worldview Shapes the Way we Teach our Children: Excellent article that overviews parenting biblically–focusing on how it has much to do with passing on of a worldview…. “Whatever children stand beside us in eternal glory will not stand beside us as our children or as our students. They will stand beside us because and only because they have become our brothers and sisters, ‘heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ.'”

The Myself I Was Yesterday: “This is the idea of manhood we assimilate before we are old enough to think for ourselves, before we are able to evaluate for ourselves. This is the idea of manhood we absorb before we are capable of going to the Bible to learn for ourselves that it teaches something very different and so much better.”


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