Weekly Tools for Parents (2.25.14)


Each week, on Monday morning, we’ll be posting: a) a PDF of our weekly children’s bulletin from the preceding Sunday, and b) a preview of the following Sunday’s lesson for our children’s classes, and c) a weekly reading guide designed for middle and high schoolers. (Please note that starting this coming Sunday, instead of previewing the following week as “b” suggests, and as we’ve done in the past, the parent page will recap or follow up with the lesson that was just taught).

Our hope is that parents can use these to follow-up on the sermon that the family heard the day before, and to recap with their children the lesson also taught the day before in their class. The devotional guide is designed to help older children track along with what they’re hearing in their classes and in the pulpit.

Here are this week’s tools:

A. Children’s Bulletin from February 23rd

B. REnew starting February 24th

**In conjunction with the above note, you may notice that there is not a parent page listed this week (which is usually letter “B”) in order to align ourselves with the new parent pages that will recap what was taught, rather then preview what will be taught.


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