A La Carte (2.27.14)


It’s Thursday! Time for some good reading.

Preparing Teens for College (And Adult-hood): “…as Christians, we know that character and maturity flow most readily from a God-mastered life and soul, from the hearts of men and women who have bowed the knee to Jesus as Lord.”

Manhood and Technology: A Series Recap.: a recap of a great series of posts that would be great for men to read and process

The Dawn of the Designer Babies: “God does not display himself and his glory only through normalcy, but also through abnormality. God does not display himself only through ability, but also through inability and disability. God does not display himself only through strength, but also through weakness.”

Is Sexual Orientation Analogous to Race?: “We must, therefore, challenge our fellow believers who are promoting hate by claiming that discrimination based on sexual behavior is similar to racial bigotry and Jim Crow-style segregation laws. These types of claims that sexual orientation is analogous to race are unbiblical, racially insensitive, and morally repugnant. We must correct such misperceptions in a spirit of gentleness and truth. But we must also do so forcefully and make it clear that we cannot be followers of Christ and promoters of evil.”

How Can We Make Our Marriage a Better Friendship?: a great short video series by David Powlison of CCEF

When Gospel-Loving Churches Undermine Marriage: “As a pastor, I can’t tell you how often I saw fear in the eyes of parents with children in college. But they didn’t fear that their good Christian kid would shipwreck his faith in the secular university or that their daughter would get pregnant. No, quite often these Christian parents feared that their son or daughter would find a suitable mate, settle down, and get married, while still in college. I once had a nice Christian mom tell me, ‘I tell my son, every week, “Don’t you go off and get married now. You’ve got to at least finish graduate school.”‘”

When a Husband Doesn’t Help: a slight shift of thinking


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