A La Carte (3.6.14)


Several helpful articles this week…

The Culture of Death Bares its Teeth: Planned Parenthood Leader Says Life Begins at Delivery: “Candid admissions of a worldview like this one are rare, but Cecile Richards’ statement perfectly explains her advocacy of abortion at any time for any reason.”

Teaching Our Children to Lament: “Over the space of months, as our helpless infant reveals personality and preferences, we start to see those tears differently. No longer a sweet milky bundle to be rocked and soothed, our child became an opinionated sinner whose cry of complaint provokes more parental shushing than sympathizing.”

10 Surefire Ways to Make Your Children Hate Family Devotions: “Have you ever been so rigid in your family devotional time that you made it drudgery instead of a joy…?”

Why Satan Hates Your Family: “When Satan’s purposes are clear, the Christian’s challenge is clear: We need to view building strong, vibrant, Bible-based, gospel-centered, distinctly Christian families as a critical part of protecting our faith and living it out.”

Scargoyle Attacks the Family: a fictional letter between two demons that is worth every Christian’s time to read

Pregnancy After Miscarriage: very very helpful for those who are dealing with–or might deal with–pregnancy after a miscarriage

Why Teens Compulsively Use Social Media: To Be Known and Loved: “Social media provides the context of a false sense of this intimacy because teens can still hide behind the virtual barrier called the computer screen. They take small risks in publicizing the nitty gritty, in hopes of being accepted and loved without rejection, but they continually fail to find satisfaction and intimate relationship. What many teens seek to find through social media—the desire to be known and loved—is met by the sovereign knowledge and love of God in the gospel.”

Why Do We Have to Go to Church Again?: “Children ask this question on a semi-regular basis; I know my three boys have given me many opportunities to answer it. As a worship pastor, I am embarrassed to admit that I have found myself facing another service and asking the same question: why again? Did we fail last week, or do it wrong? Was last week’s service not enough?”

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