A La Carte (3.13.14)


Coming to you every Thursday, some great articles from around the web…

5 Parenting Opportunities When Our Kids Sin: Such simple, but helpful, truths for all of us parents or future parents out there!

This Dad Turns the Crazy Stuff He Says to His Kids, into Art: Does this inspire any ideas for pieces that could be in the Art Gala?

Why Martin Luther Would Love Children’s Ministry: “Parents, breakfast table devotions or bedtime Scripture stories may not seem like a big deal, but they are the seeds from which men and women planted deep in streams of living water grow. Children’s ministry teachers and workers, an hour on Sunday mornings trying to keep the attention of a dozen five-year-olds, follow a lesson plan, and keep Goldfish crackers from being ground into the carpet might seem like wasted time, but you are doing pioneering mission work among people who are only just beginning to know the name of Christ.”

From Father to Son — J.R.R. Tolkien on Sex: “With deep moral insight, Tolkien understood that those who give themselves most unreservedly to sexual pleasure will derive the least pleasure and fulfillment in the end.”

When Your Child Gets Left Out: Excellent! “To seize these gospel opportunities we must be sympathetic and understanding toward our children. We must enter into our children’s pain before we can lead them to see the gracious opportunities it provides. ‘Those kids may have meant evil against you,’ we can tell them, ‘but God meant it for good’ (Gen 50:20).”

Raising Boys to be Godly Men: Part 1: Some good counsel in here. 1) Teach your kids to love the Lord Jesus, and 2) Have fun with them.


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