A La Carte (4.17.14)


Quite a variety this week of great posts from around the web. Check them out!

The Porn-Free Family Plan: “I want to protect my children in a world like this, but I want to do more than that. I want to disciple my children to live virtuously, to use these new technologies for good purposes instead of bad ones. I believe this is a crucial part of my calling as a parent. To address this great need, I have put together what I call The Porn-Free Family Plan. It is a plan designed to protect my children from online dangers so that I can train them to use their devices and technologies well.”

Why It Matters Theologically and Historically That Women Were the First to Discover the Empty Tomb: “Do not bypass the testimony of the women as an incidental detail.”

Help! My Kids are Looking at Porn: “While this situation is difficult and painful, it does not mean the world is ending; it does not necessarily mean your children are unsaved and certainly does not mean they are unsaveable. By looking at porn they have opened up a window to their heart and you now have the opportunity to address it in a helpful way. Despair will only interfere with your ability to do this effectively.”

Manhood Marred: An Introduction: “This series will attempt to explore the various corruptions and aberrations of biblical manhood. We will consider how chauvinism, machismo, passivity, escapism, individualism, and prolonged adolescence all undermine the implications that the Gospel has on biblical manhood.”

I Want my Kids Brainwashed: “My kids’ brains desperately need washing, as does mine. My children were born with intrinsic self-absorption that, if left unchallenged, might lead them down dangerous paths, both for themselves and others around them.”

Daycare Costs More Than College Per Year in Most States: Looks like we’re right in the middle

How a Man Loves a Woman: God sees formlessness and void and responds by bringing form and fullness. He creates order, but not stuffy, stifling order. It is order specifically designed to maximize the flourishing of life!

Responding to Criticism in Marriage: “There’s nothing like criticism to make you have to grapple with yourself and to find the grace of God because Christ, who was reviled, the only man who deserved no reviling, came on a mission of redemption. So finding mercy starts to get me to be a man moving towards redemption and it creates some really…profound changes in how I react. One, is I can listen. Is it true? Or is there a grain of truth…?”

Bread of Heaven: So good!




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