A La Carte (5.1.14)


Check out these helpful and timely articles below:

Explaining Hard Things to Our Children: “As we’ve worked through these issues as a family, there’s one story we come back to: creation, fall, & redemption.”

Gathering Our Families Around the Bible: “I would much rather have a simple, consistent time of gathering our family around the Bible than delay because I’m worried about how impressive our pattern is.”

Reminders for Your Next Family Devotions: “Don’t give up on your kids. You don’t know how God may use the time you make with them. Your kids may be unresponsive initially, but God may choose to use it later. We aren’t aware of what God chooses to use. He may use the time you have set aside or he may use an inconveniently timed conversation in Walmart, but you can be sure He will have His way with your children.”

Should Christian Parents Ban Books?: “How do we introduce young people to good and bad ideas with the appropriate balance of independence and support? How do we help them discover, for themselves, what is true and false? It’s important they embark on this path of discovery, for if children don’t seek truth on their own, they will forever be a shadow, mindlessly following footsteps without resolve.”

So You Believe in “Marriage Equality”? Why Not For Throuples?: “Once one has abandoned belief in marriage as a conjugal bond (with its central structuring norm of sexual complementarity) in favor of a concept of ‘marriage’ as a form of sexual-romantic companionship or domestic partnership (‘love makes a family’), then what possible principle could be identified for a norm ‘restricting’ marriage to two-person partnerships, as opposed to polyamorous sexual ensembles of three or more persons?”

My Wife Has Tattoos: Marriage, New Birth, and the Gospel: Good words from Spencer Harmon! Thanks man.

What’s Wrong with Our Women: “We don’t have a hard time thinking of men as depraved. After all, they are responsible for the vast majority of violent crime….”



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