D3 2014: Day One (Monday)


Yesterday morning, a group of 30 students and adults from Christ’s Covenant rolled out of the church’s parking lot, headed to Louisville, KY, to participate in the D3 Youth Conference. This is the fourth year of our group’s participation in this event, and each year, it seems to have a significant impact on our students (and adult chaperones); so we continue to go!


We made a few stops along the way, to refuel the vans and our bodies, but after numerous hours, we made it safely to the campus of Boyce College (and Southern Seminary–they kinda share a campus, much like Grace College and Seminary in our town). We got some cool bags, name tags, water bottles, and Bibles as gifts–and then headed to our dorms–which are very nice!


After a brief time of settling into our rooms, we made our way to Heritage Hall for a time of singing and learning together as Eric Bancroft, a pastor from Indianapolis, kicked the week off with an excellent message. Rooted in passages like Psalm 27:4, Romans 11:34-36, and 1 Corinthians 10:31-33, he helped students answer the question “why am I here?” His answer: to know, love, and live for God.


Then we made our way to dinner, which consisted of two hogs that had been roasted and served up “luau style”–what a way to experience the blessings of being under the new covenant 🙂

Then after dinner, we had another large group session, in which we were taught by Dan DeWitt, dean of Boyce College. His big idea, grounded in John 1:1-18, was more philosophical in nature: if you move away from belief in God, you no longer have any basis to believe in Truth. I know for several of our students at least, even if some of Dr. DeWitt’s concepts were stretching, it was still meaningful to have the implications of a view of reality, devoid of God, spelled out–that it cuts out hope, intrinsic worth of beings, objective morality, meaningful decisions, and the ability to know truth.


After a bit of a break, we gathered with the rest of the groups for an ice cream sundae bar, before dispersing across campus into small groups (that are each made up of a handful of students from our church, led by an adult). Those groups will meet throughout the week to process what we’re learning/experiencing and to hopefully encourage each other to trust in Jesus and to obey Him.

Please be praying for us as you remember, that God would grip each of our hearts in significant ways while we are out of our “usual” domains this week…

Day Two has much in store for us, Lord willing! Look for an update tomorrow.


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