D3 2014: Day Two (Tuesday)


Yesterday was a great day here at D3!

The morning kicked off with a great breakfast and then powerful teaching by Shannon Hurley about “why the way I live matters.” Preaching from Romans 6, he called our students to live lives of holiness because, among other reasons, holiness: reveals who are master really is, and exalts God for His transforming work in our lives.


Before lunch, we then broke off into our first “track sessions.” So the hundreds of folks here for D3 broke off into different “tracks” across campus. They will meet with this same “track” of students throughout the week to study more closely about leadership, missions, or worldview respectively. From what I gathered, most students really enjoyed their tracks and are looking forward to a few more meetings as the week rolls on….


We had a simple but good lunch and then returned to our track sessions for an additional hour or so. As those were wrapping up, a storm rolled into Louisville, and the outdoor games that we were supposed to have were forced indoors. Variations of dodgeball (can’t go wrong with that) and a classic, “Steal the Bacon”–with a twist, were to tap. And our students seemed to not mind being indoors, though several of them were a little soggy from having spent a few minutes out in the rain prior to when the games were about to start.


Between the game time and dinner, students spent their free time swimming, playing foosball, walking around campus, tossing a football around, resting, playing ping pong, and the like.


Dinner was delicious–a fajita/nacho bar set-up from Chuy’s. So good! But then we got to take in God’s Word (which is always much better!), as Eric Bancroft shared a powerful (but tasteful and clear/restrained) message on sexuality, planting us in James 1:12-16 and 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8. There was so much good content, that it’s hard to condense it down; but he cautioned our students about the “lures” of our sexual desires, the lies the world tells about consequences of sexual activity, the effects that familiarization/nearness to sexual perversion can have, the need for accountability and confession, and the push that our sexual desires should be toward preparing for marriage rather than just running wild to fulfill them right away. He pointed us to Jesus, the One who has been tempted and resisted, who offers us grace for our failures, and who empowers us by the Spirit to obey these commands that can seem so impossible to keep. Excellent, excellent stuff!


Before the day winded down, we had some “night games” together out on the lawn, which involved mud, inflatable rafts, coconuts, dog food, plums, three-legged races, and a giant inflatable water slide. I will spare you all the details, but suffice it to say that the students enjoyed it for a most part, though it took some serious effort to keep our rooms from stinking when they headed back to the dorms. 🙂


After hanging out for a bit in the dorms, we all headed to bed and remembered what a beautiful gift sleep is.

Day Three is upon us now, and will be quite the adventure!


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