A La Carte (6.26.14)


Reading material from around the web for those rainy moments of the day…

The Seven-Year Itch and the Joy of Lifelong Marriage: “Following the movie’s success, the idea of a ‘seven-year itch’ has caught traction in a culture of no-fault divorce and has become a convenient excuse for boredom with monogamy.”

The Quiet Child and His Emotions: “Remember: our goal in parenting is not just to eliminate embarrassing outbursts. We are seeking to raise children who respond to our Savior with God-glorifying emotions, whether in quiet thankfulness or expressive praise.”

Pornolescence: Wow! Please read this.

Why We Need to Teach Our Kids Poetry: “In high schools and grade schools, when poetry is taught at all, too often it’s as a shudder of self-expression, without any attempt to look at the difficulties and majesties of verse and the subtleties of meaning that make poetry poetry.”

On Flying With Babies: For those that might find yourself flying with a baby 🙂

The “No, Thank You Bite”: “I am not even going to pretend that I know how to get kids to eat when they don’t want to. My older two kids (ages 7 & 5) are pretty willing, but I’ve literally bribed my two year old with a lollipop (one lick of sucker, one bite of good food…) this very week. Now that we have met our match in this little guy, the tip I’m about to share may have outlived its effectiveness in my house, but I’m sharing it anyway.”



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