D3 2014: Day Three (Wednesday)

This update will have to be fairly brief, since I (Marc) got up early to play basketball with most of the young men from our group–during my normal “blog update” time slot….

But yesterday was great!

Wednesday began with a sweet (literally and figuratively) breakfast, comprised of bacon topped donuts among other delicious and healthy options. 🙂

We had a large group session in which Dan Dumas taught from 2 Corinthians 5:20-21 about Christ being our substitute–both in taking God’s wrath and earning God’s good favor on our behalf. The gospel was presented very clearly and compellingly.

We had our third breakout sessions immediately after that and then loaded the busses to head to Holiday World. The rides there and back were a blast, and it seemed like we all enjoyed each other’s company throughout the afternoon and early evening there at the park.

When we got back to campus, it was 9:00, and after an extended “scary” camp story was shared to promote next year’s D3 (the theme of which is about camping), we were off to our church’s small groups to have discussion and prayer. From what I can tell, those conversations were excellent and very helpful to draw out the young men and women about what God is doing in their hearts and minds thus far….

And so day four begins, and will hopefully end with us safe and sound in Indianapolis!


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