A La Carte (7.3.14)


Why Hobby Lobby Matters: “So let’s celebrate today. And then let’s remember that we prize religious liberty not preeminently because it keeps us out of jail. We prize religious liberty because we believe there is a court higher than the Supreme Court. No government bureaucrat will stand with us before the Judgment Seat of Christ, and thus no bureaucrat should seek to lord over the conscience.”

Why My Family Doesn’t Do Sleepovers: “Do not allow yourself to feel pressured into sleepovers simply because it is what parents have always done. Instead, consider the issues and come to a conclusion that is right for your family and your context.”

10 Promises for Parents: “My kids need Bible promises, but on most days I need them even more. I’m prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I want them to love.”

Preparing Yourself for the Second Shift: A call for all of us who “work” during first shift to work just as hard, if not harder, during the second shift that we are not paid for!

Balancing the Most Important Shift: Be available. Be flexible. Be faithful.

7 Good Reasons to Stop Looking at Porn Right Now: the cost to your soul, neighbor, family, church, mission, witness, and Savior

Thunder and Bugs: Helping Children Deal With Fear: “A few wise moms came up with a few starter-suggestions for helping children deal with fear.”

When the Transgender Issue Comes Home: “What was once a distant and theoretical discussion—How do Christians respond to the transgender issue?—suddenly became immediate and practical. Abstract became concrete; impersonal, personal. This isn’t just the cover of Time magazine, it’s Christmas dinner.”

Leadership+Family Vacations, Part 1: “What does your family look like on vacation?

What a family looks like—what a family experiences on a vacation—is largely determined by the father’s attitude and leadership prior to and during the vacation.”

Leadership+Family Vacations, Part 2: “In part two of this series, C.J. continues explaining seven lessons he’s learned in leading his family on vacation.”

Women of the Word Month: For the ladies this month…


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