A La Carte (7.10.14)


Great articles all in one collective spot for you this week.

Being the Spiritual Leader During the Most Important Shift: A follow-up article in a series about “the most important work shift” that any parent who is employed outside the home has.

Tips for Family Pictures: Some tips for family photo shoots, for those who might be having some coming up 🙂

Missional Motherhood’s One Message: “We have a lot of different things we tell our kids, don’t we? The things we communicate ebb and flow in urgency, frequency, and tone. But there is one message that we hold out to everyone around us as the most urgent, most relevant, and most important message.”

So your child is dating a non-Christian: “The purpose of this post is not to teach about the issue of being unequally yoked. It is, rather, to offer some suggestions to moms who find themselves unexpectedly dealing with their adult child dating someone who is not a Christian.”
Before the Children Are Gone: “But it’s also helpful to remember that managing time is meant to be hard. God designed time as a test of our treasure. In the crunch and crush of demands, how we spend it reveals what we love and trust. And to love and trust what matters most, we must neglect (die to) many of the things we want to do, and many of the things we think we should do. What will you neglect today for the sake of loving what matters most?”

A Guide to Adoption & Orphan Care: A free guide to adoption and orphan care, from a trusted source.


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