A La Carte (8.7.14)


Grab a few moments this week to read through these thought-provoking articles. Good stuff.

She’s Not Perfect, But She’s Perfect for Me: “My father-in-law has a profound little saying that sums up a biblical attitude spouses should have for one another. She’s not perfect, but she’s perfect for me. Let’s examine the two parts.”

The Single Man’s Journey to Sexual Happiness: “So what is the key to sexual happiness? It is learning that sex isn’t everything; God is. Marriage isn’t everything; God is.”

3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church: This article is reflective of many ideas that shape how we do youth ministries at CCC.

One Simple Change That Helped Our Parenting: “The way we had been responding to sin focused on how the child was letting us down and failing to live up to the family standard of righteousness. The new approach puts the focus on God and his standard of righteousness and paves the way for clarity about the good news of salvation.”

Aborting in the Name of Jesus: “Let’s pray and work for an end to the injustice of abortion. Let’s pray and work for better solutions for women in crisis. But let’s pray for doctors like this as well.”


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