A La Carte (9.11.14)


Why the ‘Concordance Reflex’ Fails in Sexuality Debates: “It’s not that Scripture is insufficient. The problem is not a failure of Scripture but a failure of our approach to Scripture”

10 Ways to Exercise Christlike Headship: “Christian leadership doesn’t mean everyone bowing down to you because you’re so great. It means, like Jesus, that you become a courageous servant, dying to yourself for the benefit of others.”

Selfies and Body Image: “God’s eternal declaration of ‘very good’ needs to be trumpeted over and above our culture’s pliable standard of ‘like’ and ‘dislike.'”

The Church and Violence Against Women: “An abusive man is not an over-enthusiastic complementarian. He is not a complementarian at all. He is rejecting male headship because he is rejecting his role as provider and protector. As the culture grows more violent, more consumerist, more sexualized and more misogynistic, the answer is not a church more attenuated to the ambient culture, whether through a hyper-masculine paganism or through a gender-neutral feminism.

Instead, the answer is a truly counter-cultural church, a church that calls men to account for leadership, a leadership that cherishes and protects women and girls.”

Wow, I Literally Wept When This Adulterous Wife Texted Her Husband, “Can I Come Home?”: powerful story of grace shown by a husband (and by the Lord)


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