A La Carte (10.2.14)


Home, Sweet, Home: “The fundamental purpose of the home is to teach us how to live in relationship with God and with each other.”

The “Opposite” Sex?: “In their differences, men and women are not each other’s opposite. They are each other’s complement.”

Still Worth It?: “So was Lucy worth it? Even though she didn’t lavish me with affection, didn’t yet fully accept me? Even though she pushed me away? Even though it meant indefinite separation from the other loves of my life?”

Do Christian Parents have a Moral Rationale for Spanking?: “All forms of discipline, including corporal discipline, are to focus on training the child and not the comfort of the parent.”

What the Bible Teaches About Spanking: a good summary of biblical content about a culturally controversial subject

Why We Play: “This sure hope in God’s sovereign power and loving-kindness enables us to play with reckless abandon”

TV and the Virtuous Idol of Family: “What if I told you that a network television show about the importance of family was potentially more problematic than a cable television show filled with sex and violence?”

Why Keep Sexual Boundaries?: “That scares me. Jeopardizing my relationship with my wife is more motivating to me than jeopardizing my relationship with the Lord.”

Practical Steps to Start Discipling Your Children: “The consistency matters more than the quality.”


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