A La Carte (10.16.14)


Here’s this week’s new articles from around the web!

Sexual Temptation and the Unmarried: Three Things to Remember About Christ: Christ knows, Christ provides, and Christ is the better bridegroom.

Husbands, Hold Your Wife’s Hand: “It cost nothing, and bears dividends even to this day. If, for you, it’s not too late, make the investment. Hold her hand, every chance you get. You won’t regret it.”

The Tragic Tie Between Abortion and Down Syndrome: “The reality of the matter is that we are not killing babies with DS for their benefit, but for ours.”

Author of the Month: seems like a creative and potentially fruitful idea

Seduction and the Cost of Saying ‘No’: “Our youth are engaged in a spiritual battle for their affections and their allegiance. Let’s not minimize the danger of our culture’s seduction, nor the cost that comes with our youth’s resisting the American way in the name of Jesus.”

When Motherhood Drains Your Happiness: “It is not motherhood that destroys your happiness but motherhood without a purpose.”

The Epidemic of Male Body Hatred: “You don’t have to stop lifting or dieting or supplementing. And maybe you should start dieting and exercising. This isn’t a rebuke in either direction. It’s an invitation to perspective and intimacy — with ourselves, the opposite sex, the same sex, authorities, and God.”

Behold Your Mother: “The church must embody the ethic of Jesus on the cross, who embodied the holistic nature of the gospel, which doesn’t only say, ‘Father forgive them,’ but also, ‘Mother, here is your son.’”


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