A La Carte (10.30.14)


This week’s articles are out!

God is in the Grocery Aisle: “Delight yourself in Jesus — feast on the Bread of Life and you will never hunger or thirst. This ‘superfood’ is the only meal that promises and faithfully delivers life everlasting.”

Faith to Keep Praying for Your Unsaved Children: “Nothing concerns Christian parents more than the salvation of their children. And God is concerned even more than we are.”

The Odd Music of Motherhood: “God writes odd and beautiful music in this mother’s heart. I don’t want to miss a single note.”

Sent into the Harvest: Halloween on Mission: “What if we resolved not to join the darkness by keeping our porch lights off? What if we didn’t deadbolt our doors, but handed out the best treats in the neighborhood as a faint echo of the kind of grace our Father extends to us sinners?”

Settle Down or Marry Up: “Here are three thoughts for you, my single friends, on how to stand at the elevator while being mindful of the stairs.”

To Parents Who Have Lost a Child

When Dad Doesn’t Disciple the Kids: “Three kinds of ‘single moms’ exist in the church: the literal single mom who is raising children on her own, the mom whose husband is an unbeliever, and the mom whose husband professes belief but does not partner in the spiritual nurture of the family”


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