REtreat Recap 2014


A few weekends ago, a few dozen teenagers and adults joined together at Camp Crosley for our youth group’s annual Fall REtreat, and it was a great weekend! Our theme for the weekend was “Together,” trying to emphasize through our teaching and through our activities the importance of being involved and invested in each other’s lives.

We taught on John 17 (the call to unity), Philippians 2 (the call to humility), and 1 Corinthians 12 (the call to work together). Those teachings can be listened to by following these links:

In addition to the more formal teachings, we tried our hand at several team-building exercises throughout the day Saturday that were intended to challenge the students and help them learn to work at tasks together.

Of course there were many other goings-on (GaGa, 9 Square, Capture the Flag, stitches needed, candy consumed, etc.). But our deepest hope was to help the students learn to value life together as God’s people. And I think God was faithful in helping us take steps in that direction!


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