A La Carte (11.13.14)


Settle Down or Marry Up: “Here are three thoughts for you, my single friends, on how to stand at the elevator while being mindful of the stairs.”

Mommy Worries: “Mothers, we will never out-grow our need to trust God for our children, but neither will we outgrow the faithfulness of God.”

The Strategic Benefit of Busyness for Christian Parents: “If you teach your children that spiritual vitality and growth only takes place in a pristine environment then you are setting them up for a life of discontentment in a fallen world stained by sin.”

Parenting Teaches Us to Be Better Children of God: “Ironically, my quest to be a better parent also taught me how to be a better child.”

Debunking the Myth of the Goldilocks Woman: “So hear the voice of God from the foundation of the world silence those whispers of ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ with the declaration that He has created His daughters fit for His kingdom’s purposes.”

The King Who Never Married: “It is an odd story where the King never marries, but it’s the greatest love story ever told.”


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