A La Carte (12.4.14)

alacartGreat articles for you to check out this week!

Church History: The Story of the Real Santa Claus: “Today, St. Nicholas is mostly known as a paunchy old geezer who spends one night each year breaking into people’s houses and stealing cookies before escaping to an Arctic hideaway where elves do his work for him. Kind of creepy when you think about it. The good news is that none of this was what the real St. Nicholas—a church leader named Nicholas of Myra—was known for.”

Five Points for Parents Who Want to Pass on the Faith: “Bengtson suggests five things families should know, do, or remember if they want to pass on their faith to the next generation.”

When Dad Doesn’t Disciple the Kids: “Moms dealing with spiritually absent dads rightly feel anxiety for their children. In the busy intersection of life, it is neither safe nor right to leave children untrained in spiritual matters. In fact, it would be reprehensible to do so. But don’t worry—it’s possible to honor your sacred responsibility to your children and their heavenly Father while still showing honor to their earthly father.”

Giving the World: A Holiday Gift Guide to Children’s Books: Book Buying Guide for Children Ages 3-7

We See You, Calvin – Special Needs Parenting: Your soul is not hindered by a neurological disorder, there is no boundary too wide for Jesus to cross. There is no little lamb too impaired for Jesus, the more broken, the more eager His shepherd hands reach for you. The tighter he binds you up and keeps you close.”

The Cult of Kiddie Danger: “Today it is a sin — and sometimes a crime — NOT to imagine your children dead the moment we take your eyes off them.”

Help! There are Pagans in My Youth Group: I didn’t write this myself, but I agree with it wholeheartedly.

NFL Start Nearly Misses His Daughter’s Birth, Can Barely Contain His Raw Emotion: Our home-state star can’t hold back tears after the game on the day his first child was born! Even scored a touchdown for her

Mom Enough (New Book): A free e-book that moms may be interested in reading.

Family Ministry: Too Busy for Family Devotions?: “Mr. Spurgeon, when bowed before God in family prayer, appeared a grander man even than when holding thousands spellbound by his oratory.”



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