A La Carte (12.19.14)


Some weekend reading for you, with a few Christmas-time highlights.

Marriage in Light of Forever: “I was once told, ‘Those who are most ready for marriage are those who need it the least.” The point is that those who find everything they need in Christ are least likely to suffocate their spouses through their neediness.’”

Please Don’t Give Them Porn for Christmas: “This Christmas a lot of children will receive porn from under the tree. It not what they wanted, and not what their parents intended for them to have. But they will get it anyway.”

3 Christmas Pitfalls for Parents: “If we want to give our children the gift of clearer gospel understanding this Christmas, we must put more thought into how we lead them than we put into buying gifts and making Pinterest crafts.”

Rachel Still Weeps: “I’m beginning to wonder if The Great Battle doesn’t intensify during Christmas. And I’m beginning to wonder whether children–those who most clearly reflect the Childhood so central to our hope—don’t somehow become more of a target during this season as well. Is it inevitable that Mary’s joy will forever be accompanied by Rachel’s mourning?”


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