A La Carte (1.8.15)


This week’s articles are out!

The Gospel Life: A Holy Family: “As a parent, you have been given the highest and holiest of callings: to teach another human being to love. Don’t be intimidated, and don’t back down from the task. God himself has assured us not only of the sacredness of the vocation, but his faithfulness to meet us there. He will give you the grace to live it, if you have the humility to accept it. No family is perfect, but love can make any family a Holy Family.”

5 Reasons We Eat Together as a Family: “And so we eat together as often as possible and try to make the most of it. Now let’s be clear and realistic—we are a pack of sinners, just like every other family, and we are busy, just like every other family. Sometimes we cannot eat together, sometimes we are rushed and don’t have time to read the Bible together. Sometimes we can barely stand the sight of each other, the conversation tiptoes along the edge of civility, and the kids seem to want to rip each other’s heads off. But we measure long, not short, and continue to eat together night after night. We continue to count it a great blessing.”

Essential Texting Acronyms Every Parent Must Know: “Some acronyms really are harmless, like the now-common LOL, but there are plenty that aren’t. If you see the following acronyms on your kids’ gadgets, it’s time for a serious talk.”

We Need to Stop Blaming Parents for “Wayward” Teens: “Blaming cuts the parents off from what they desperately need.”

Interracial Marriage and the Gospel: “Trillia and Thern Newbell share how their interracial marriage points to the beauty of the gospel.”


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