A La Carte (1.22.15)


Here are this week’s articles from around the web…

Don’t Just Teach Your Kids About the Lord: “Parents, follow Hannah’s example. Don’t just teach your kids about the Lord, but show them what it looks like to know Him. Praise His works in visible ways, both in the privacy of your home and in the public, weekly gathering of the saints. Your words are needed, but your visible example communicates both the authenticity of your faith and the great worth of your God.”

Husbands, Pray with Your Wives: “Husband, if you feel discouraged in your relationship with your wife and/or know she is discouraged with you, I strongly recommend this one simple act of faith – prayer with your wife.”

The Most Awkward Bible Stories to Teach to Kids: But there are a few stories that never make it on the flannel graph. For obvious reasons. Here are eight of the most awkward Bible stories to teach to children.

A Solid Worldview Won’t Save My Kids: “Worldview is important, but I can’t rest with simply teaching my kids how to think. I need to also show them the surpassing joy of knowing Christ. I want my kids to understand at a visceral level that Jesus is sweet and sin is bitter. Good thinking is necessary, but good feeling is just as, if not more important.”

How Incest Exposes the Emptiness of “Marriage Equality”: “This story exposes the fact that consent alone is not enough to ground a sexual ethic. Nor is it sufficient to define who should be allowed to marry. It also shows that when proponents for ‘marriage equality’ say that any two people who love each other ought to have the right to marry, they don’t really mean it. The possibility of state-sanctioned incest proves that.”

Our Father is not like our father: “As Christians we must not project an image of God upon God but rather receive the one he supplies us in his word.”

Wanted: Parents Willing to Get Too Attached: “Opening your heart to love any child is risky and requires a loss of self. Opening your heart and home to a foster child may seem especially risky. But in losing ourselves, we gain.”



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