A La Carte (1.29.15)


Articles for this week are up! Check them out below…

My Baby’s Heart Stopped Beating: “I got to be a mom. It was only for a moment, but it was a beautiful moment. I hope I get to be a mom again, but even if that doesn’t happen, God is good. And his purposes for me are sure. My little slice of motherhood continues to show me different angles of God’s good character and things about myself that I never could have learned without my baby.”

10 Ways to Have Consistent Time with God as a Parent: It’s important, here are some ideas to help

Do Little Girls Outgrow the Twirl: “Because God’s beauty is in his creation, we dishonor him and his creation when we conceal that beauty, and we dishonor him and his creation when we exploit it. Even in our hyper-sexualized society, there is a way to purely recognize beauty, and to honor it. We appreciate what it is about God’s wondrous design that makes women, not men, twirl.”

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: 9 Months in 4 Minutes: Powerfully beautiful video

My Spouse Doesn’t Meet My Needs: “When we have an expectation that a husband or wife fulfill us, we set ourselves up for disappointment, because no human being can satisfy another human being. To hope that another human can meet our needs is asking too much of anyone. For only Jesus can meet our needs. Only Jesus can satisfy us. Only Jesus can fulfill all our desires.”


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